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Gumball 3000 the Movie DVDRip.DViX.AC3.2003-MAE

5,00 / 5,00 (1 Bewertung)
Release: Gumball.3000.The.Movie.DVDRip.DViX.AC3.2003-MAE

Cover: Gumball 3000 the Movie DVDRip.DViX.AC3.2003-MAE

Kategorie: Movies » Cars & Bikes

Release: Gumball.3000.The.Movie.DVDRip.DViX.AC3.2003-MAE


Release Jahr: 2003

Eingetragen: 27.07.07 02:18

Sprache: Englisch

Größe: 1,38 GB


Quelle: DVD-Rip

CDs: 2

Hits: 4.405


Passwort: fett-x



Gumball 3000 is a documentary of real-life road race between San Francisco and Miami in the spirit of 70s Cannonball Run. This DVD is a British-made documentary covering the race of spring 2003. 150 supercars, 3000 miles, 14 arrests and $50,000 in fines including Ferraris and Lamborghinis makes this a race for the rich.

Some of the stars include Supermodel Jodie Kidd behind the wheel of her Dodge Viper. Jackass’s Ryan Dunn in a…ehm…Hertz Rental Cadillac. Skateboarding god Tony Hawk also opting for a Dodge Viper. MTV’s notorious Cuban Brothers in their Cadillac and Dr Evil and a bevy of beauties driving Lamborghini Murcielagos. These main characters give Gumball 3000 humour and personality that will appeal to general audiences but underneath it should be a film about fast cars and of course it's fast car fanatics who are maybe going to be very disappointed in what we don’t see:

We don't see any police chases, especially since the film opens with a contestant recalling one such hair-raising pursuit!

There is a lot of footage of racers getting tickets though. Unlike the fictional Cannonballers, real-life Gumballers pull over when the cops turn on their sirens! In fact one of the entrants, who's racing in a German police car, enjoys winding up fellow contestants by switching on his lights and pretending to bust them.

If you have seen illegal road races maybe over the internet you may be disappointed. The editors rarely gave us a sense of speed while the music ran over the roar of the engine.

One of the most exciting moments was when the Scandinavian built Koenigsegg CC S8 was revved up in the pits. This is currently the fastest road legal car in the world! The company officials say the speedster can go from 0 to 60 in 3.1 seconds. It was conservative in appearance by super sports car standards, but you know it was special just by the sound of the engine.

The extras and deleted scenes are mostly interview footage and funny off race antics. If you like sports cars then you would probably add this to your collection, just dont expect much racing.

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