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Cover: Super.Mp3.Download.Pro.v4.6.7.2.Incl.Keygen.and.Patch-Lz0

Kategorie: Appz

Release: Super.Mp3.Download.Pro.v4.6.7.2.Incl.Keygen.and.Patch-Lz0




Release Jahr: 2011

Eingetragen: 01.04.11 09:58




Größe: 7.168 KB




Hits: 5.072

Uploader: 自由的

Passwort: fett-x



Super MP3-Download ist einfach zu bedienende Software, die Ihnen schnellen Download über 100 Millionen MP3 kostenlos von der größten Download-Netzwerk und unbegrenzt Musik online erlaubt, bevor Sie sie herunterladen.
Sie können die Ergebnisse testen, um zu entscheiden, was Sie herunterladen. Super MP3-Download bringt immer die heißesten Lieder in die Welt, sie empfiehlt den USA Hot 100 Airplay jede Woche und enthält eine Liste der heißesten Songs der 14 Kategorien, von Elektro-, religiöse, Mainstream zu Indie, Hip-Hop bis Klassik, etc. Außerdem können Sie erweiterte Suche nach Künstler, Titel,Album, und Ausgabe. Sie können sogar bestimmte Ausgaben wählen, um Klavier, Gitarre oder Cover etc. zu suchen.

Schneller Downloaden? Mehr Stuff? Und das ganze Kostenlos? Dann ab zu Usenet.NL!

Super.Mp3.Download.Pro.v4.6.7.2.Incl.Keygen.and.Patch-Lz0 jetzt mit Higspeed bei Usenet.NL laden! Besser & schneller als Rapidshare! Jetzt anmelden und mit 25Mbits/sec saugen was die Leitung her gibt.

Download (, eine Url)

Status: unbekannt

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Falls du die Zeichen nicht erkennen kannst, aktualisiere die Seite.

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Mirror #Highspeed (Usenet.NL, eine URL)

Status: Online

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Falls du die Zeichen nicht erkennen kannst, aktualisiere die Seite.

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cpN    cRo


Super.Mp3.Download.Pro v4.6.7.2

Release Date : 2011-03-27
Nfo Date : 2011-03-27

Num. Disks : xx/6                        OS : WINALL
Nfo Time : 13:37                Rel Type : Keygen
Cracker : Team Lz0              Archive :
Packer : Team Lz0                Rating : Your choice
Supplier : Team Lz0              Language : English
Protection : Activation

Requirements : N/A
Publisher URL :
Publisher : None

(-)  Keyfile / License          (-)  Emulator
(-)  Patch                      (-)  Serial
(-)  Cracked .EXE / .DLL        (-)  Retail
(x)  Keygen                    (-)  Trainer
(-)  Loader                    (-)  Other

1999 - 2011


Super MP3 Download is easy-to-use software which enables
you to search and download over 100 million MP3 for free.


1) Unpack and install.
2) Patch the program using the included patch.
3) Use the key generator to generate a valid serial and
unlock code.
4) Block internet, enter serial, choose manual activation
then enter unlock code.
5) Enjoy this release


When joining Linezer0 you are not just joining a group, but
a family. We're a group built on friendship, devotion, respect
and of course the continous learning. If you are one of those
whom are just here for the glory and releases, then you have
found the wrong group. Hard work and dedication is what has
brought us to where we are today, and it is that we will
demand from you as well.

To be able to be accepted as a cracker in Linezer0, you will
need to have at least 6 months of experience from other groups
and have at least 2 people that can vouche for you before we
will even concider talking with you.

Open positions:
Keygenner(s) - able to analyse and keygen advanced
protection schemes. You will be working with the other
keygenners to be able to meet the advanced protections
with a joint effort.
Dongle cracker(s) - need to have experience in one or
more of the following dongles, FlexLM, SentinelLM, HASP,
CRYPKEY and/or custom made license managers. We always
got big projects that you can undertake, and with the
dongle crew you will be working in a joint effort to
find sollutions - preferrably complete emulators for
the different solutions.

You have knowledge regarding protections like ASPACK and
ARMADILLO, and are able to code tools that can either analyse
those, or even able to unpack them. Further we require that
you have at least 4 years of coding experience, and can show us
earlier achievements either through system analysis and/or
programs you have developed.

Open positions:
Cracktro programmer - we are looking for an experienced
programmer that can develop a complete cracktro and a
update system for that particular cracktro. Experience
from the demo scene is preferred, but achievements that
can show your skills can also be accepted.
General programmer(s) - you will be recieving projects
that will range from everything from updating our
existing tools, as well as develop new tools that will
be useful for the group.

You work as a engineer or something similar where you got
access to the latest software in the CAD/CAM area. Preferrably
with experience in the supplied software as testing your own
supply would also be required to ensure validity. We are also
interrested in people able to supply us software in the
GRAPHICS/MUSIC/PROGRAMMING area. One time suppliers are not
welcome, a steady base of supplies will be required.

If you run a dedicated site, on a 100mbit link, a well
supported site that have at least 6 months of up-time and
decent affiliation. Then your site might be of interrest to
us. Do note that we do NOT accept site offers from the US, DE
and AT.


First of all you should know that we do NOT release our cracks
so that you "the end-user" can benefit from it in the term of
using software or any other of our releases without buying
the required licenses. Linezer0 however believe that everyone
should have the option to backup their program/game and be
able to run it without any problems.

Further we do NOT in any way condone the spreading of our
cracks, in other words we do NOT spread the releases to any
websites, P2P networks or any other public available location
and we urge that our releases should not be spread like that
at all.

We -Linezer0- has nothing to do with the distribution of these
cracks, it is all done by third parties. As such, and
according to the laws where the individuals of Linezer0 reside,
it is not our responsibility what others desides to do with
these releases. However, let it be said quite clearly

"We DO NOT in any way condone the selling or redistribution
of our cracks, this was NEVER our intention."

Linezer0 does NOT take any responsibility of computer-loss
or any data-errors that may occur from using our cracks.
Keep in mind that you are using a third party sollution to
something we did not develop in the first place.

Do note that the usage of our cracks are legal in most
countries outside the United States, IF and ONLY IF you own a
full copy of the program/game - then you may use our cracks
for backup purposes, and only that. It remains to be seen how
affected you are of the End User License Agreements (EULAs).
They can't supersede domestic laws, remember that.

According to the "DMCA ACT" in the Unites States, you have no
rights to circumvent a copy protection. Beware, they will
punish you harder than if you stole the shrinkwrapped software
in a mall. Though Linezer0's base of operation does not reside
in the Unites States, and thus we are NOT bound to the
US legislations like:

No Electronic Theft Act
Digital Millenium Copyright Act
The Patriot Act
other US legislations

You should ALWAYS buy the software that you do use, or find
suitable Open Source replacements (as there are loads), we do

By using our cracks you automatically agree
to the written agreement above, and thus the responsibility
regarding whetever you are affected by any EULAs is
with YOU and YOU only.




If you want to contact Linezer0 for any reason, then feel
free to do so using the email supplied below - requests for
cracks, files or anything related to our releases is
automatically ignored (using scripts), so by all means, feel
free to continue to send them, we won't even recieve them.

UPDATED : 7th of January 2006

ascii proudly done
by cpN of cRo
in 2oo6


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