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Beastie Boys - Pauls Boutique - 20th Anniversary Edition - (Remastered)

Not Rated

Cover: Beastie Boys - Pauls Boutique - 20th Anniversary Edition - (Remastered)

Kategorie: International Rap / RnB » Alben / Sampler

Release: Beastie_Boys-Pauls_Boutique-20th_Anniversary_Edition-(Remastered)-2009-MTD


Release Jahr: 2009

Eingetragen: 09.02.09 17:19




Hits: 3.173

Uploader: Jack Swift

Passwort: fett-x



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Beastie Boys - Paul's Boutique

Artist.....: Beastie Boys
Title......: Paul's Boutique
Label......: Capitol Records

Store Date.: Feb-10-2009
Genre......: Hip-Hop

Encoder....: Lame 3.97 / -V2 --vbr-new
Size.......: 63,7 MB

Track Listing:

01 - To All The Girls                                01:29
02 - Shake Your Rump                                 03:18
03 - Johnny Ryall                                    03:02
04 - Egg Man                                         02:58
05 - High Plains Drifter                             04:13
06 - The Sounds Of Science                           03:12
07 - 3-Minute Rule                                   03:39
08 - Hey Ladies                                      03:48
09 - 5-Piece Chicken Dinner                          00:23
10 - Looking Down The Barrel Of A Gun                03:29
11 - Car Thief                                       03:40
12 - What Comes Around                               03:08
13 - Shadrach                                        04:08
14 - Ask For Janice                                  00:11
15 - 59 Chrystie Street                              00:57
16 - Get On The Mic                                  01:14
17 - Stop That Train                                 01:59
18 - A Year And A Day                                02:22
19 - Hello Brooklyn                                  01:32
20 - Dropping Names                                  01:03
21 - Lay It On Me                                    00:54
22 - Mike On The Mic                                 00:48
23 - Awol                                            01:46

                                                     53:13 min
Release Notes:

When The Beastie Boys hit platinum with their debut album, they
were instantly labeled the Elvises of rap, accused of being just
another bunch of white musicians stealing from black music. But
what was overlooked was that the Beasties actually ...    Full
Descriptionhad some interesting ideas to take hip hop to new
levels. While in the years to come other white rappers like
Vanilla Ice and Jesse Jaymes would prove they were the true
cultural thieves, the Beasties defended themselves by recording a
seminal rap album, PAUL'S BOUTIQUE. The record was, in fact, so
legit that it eroded their commercial appeal in middle America.

PAUL'S BOUTIQUE is a sample-fest--a post-modern epic of cut and
splice studio wizardry. Taking snippets of music from sources as
disparate as Curtis Mayfield, The Beatles, B.D.P., The Ramones and
The Jaws soundtrack (as well as countless others), they built
songs out of the debris of modern culture. Over these mind-blowing
tracks, they weaved tall tales, self-promotional proclamations and
sheer non-sense into a singular vision of inspired lunacy. Besides
Public Enemy, no one else was producing albums as complex as this.
PAUL'S BOUTIQUE sounds two or three years ahead of its time,
perhaps this is why the album was considered such a failure upon
its release.

Whatever the case, there really is no album that sounds quite like
this one does; the Beasties returned to the top of the charts a
few years later with CHECK YOUR HEAD, but they may never be able
to top the originality and depth of their stunning sophomore


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